Monday, December 28, 2009

melbourne 09!! Part 6 (LAST ONE)

dinner at some korean restaurant with uncle micheal and family=)

with the pluckin n throwin of grass by aileen, marks the end of cherry pluckin n the 3siblings drove mum n dad back. hehe

a bucket of yummy hard work=)

sis's foot at my ass..=.=

cherry belly button. haha

crazy sister simply taking all sorts of crazy/fun pictures.

beautifully dried.

beautiful young sweet cherries.

cherry plucking!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

melbourne 09!! Part 5

and marine court is just opposite luna park n so close to st.kilda beach. the perfect place to stay huh?

marine court! the place where my parents used to stay.

st.kilda beach!!

here we're at the national gallery of victoria

Saturday, December 26, 2009

melbourne 09!! Part 4

no joke, 2 poor penguins died from this.

that small sitting area there is where we sit n wait for the little penguins

yes my sis could carry him, n he was on the phone with mom n dad.
gray line, that's the tour we went with

look at her....queen of mental. hahahahahah


hungry anyone?

forgot the name of this place but it was one of the pit stop of the tour before philip island

this little koala on the other hand is really curious n active! sooo cute!

old koala bear..lazying around..