Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i think throughout my entire life, this is the gift that no one can top it. hahahah! totally jasmine's idea! i think only her crazy mind can think of such hilarious things..but i really had great time n great bday overall..thank u JBR!
dheeraj with me cutting my cake they got me=) oh but the flowers were sent by my parents!! thank u MOM AND DAD!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!
funny lookin picture, but it's showing that i'm actually tearing up!
my 19th bday wasn't as bad n lonely as i thought it would be coz i'm in spore, doin my attachment, n no besties or family with me..but the restaurant i work in gave me a really memorable suprise bday..

Friday, February 20, 2009

then they started getting serious n challenged..i gave up obviously..hahahah
we were......doin a little something...hhhah

btw, this is bernard=) came with my sis to spore..really nice n funny guy..
lovely sister came to spore so i spent to the max wit her..hehe
and this was wad i had for dinner!! it's a 'gift' from aunt as my bday present wor...hahahha..thanks!

Friday, February 13, 2009

and to end our chalet outing, we end it with a bottle of champagne. this is jasmine btw =)
look closely....at the fire......it has eyes..

me & miss edith
and the gang of all 3 companies including chef julien at the back
a few of the 3 company people. 1 of them is the lady boss=)
jeanie!! and charmine!! lina, she couldn't go..so missed out=(
the picture says it all...he's the king of black jack, our chef eric. haha

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

our 'LOU HEI ' at JBR today n doesn't it look yummy n neat?=)

then after doing n saying everything that's needed, WE BEGAN TOSSING!
TADAAAA!!!!....our end product in a few minutes=) it was THAT GOOD...
happy cny 2009 JBR =)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

and lastly, a little something they did for us...1088....lucky number of the year i guess.
right b4 the lion threw cabbages at us..plus, i caught an orange=) at ascott today, i think was the best day of my attachment coz there's lion dance, plus 0 pax! hahahah!!! oooopssss=p..but it was a nice relaxing day in the end..end up playin a prank on my manager also=) hehe! that's how free we were....