Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"lanchi" and THE gang

introducing lanchi! the name of our class's piggy bank.

lanchi and THE gang. roy, celine, mua, chris

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

random happenings..

and this room ladies and gentleman, is "the pussy parlour" all thumbs up!

Dhm class, on their way,
gaga was the one that entertained

do you like my drawing?? hehehe
n from that sad face, i turned it into grumpy sheriff!! hahahah
the sad smiley was already there in the paper. i was bored as usual..english..what is there to i draw!
there was a fire at this electric factory yesterday right behind our school. lasted bout an hour.
loook at the colour of the building. from light blue to total black!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Danny & Agnes's lovely wedding!

Aunt requested that they stood up on the chair n kiss for 10seconds n she'll bottoms-up her wine. sportingly they did =)

brothers rex and ryan

karin, sharon, brendan & beldric

shufen and me

that's the closest i can get. loved loved loved the decorations

the bride with her flower girls and boys.

what r u staring at!?!!!?
sweet cute boy???! hmmmm....not soooooo!.....

the best man and his troops.

nicole, the flower girl..
far left is mine!
the chua family =)