Sunday, March 28, 2010

last day of sem 3 part 2

and lastly, dinner at JBR celebrating earth hour!

i'm just sooo happy i manage to capture this shot of roy SMILING!!!

a profile of chris and roy

it doesnt look as pack as this compared from below..

overlooking the other side of singapore from above
can u spot the up-coming Marina Bay Sands???

dont u just find this 2 pictures nice??

at orchard central roof top garden


bestie =) <3s!!>
i think we look like thai airways crew coz of celine's position and our standing gesture

making a video for fhh project..NG-ed 3 times..=.=

'get-scolding-by-yr-leader's day'
haha just kidding

alvin coordinates the guys behind, jean and celine goes wild in front.

samual, waikiat, ben, jeanie, celine

'talk-cock' airways's future cabin crew...hahahah!!!

susan, su, liwen, fiona, xiwen, sanny

liuxin, xiangtian, xuewei

veron, celine, yiqi, celia, jeanie, natasha

chris, josh, weiran, roy

night safari with celine, zhen quan & shan qing

the fav pict for that my opinion..

all these pictures were taken by zhen quan

went to the night safari with celine and 2 new found friends who are crazily into photography..imagine how wild i went when i saw their gadgets..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY 2010

love this picture i's miss Too's house!

dad's side of the family in tambun


with all mummy's goodies she made and in the middle, chandra.

a classically simply family picture

the joy of receiving and giving

happy Chinese new year tinkle!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

we all scream for ice cream!

who r they?? nobody we know....
awesome ppl awesome bro.
who is yang?? this is yang =)
see anything wrong with this picture??

the other green ice cream belongs to yang. hahah took his to try.
digging in!