Saturday, June 7, 2014

Random hellos :)

Don't you just love random hellos? For example, a friend whom you have not spoken to in while suddenly sends you a text. And the next thing I know, I was smiling from ear to ear. It was extra weird because I was just thinking about this person the whole day and thinking "why haven't you texted me yet? It's been a month since we last talked!" And I thought, hmmm...maybe I should make the first move.. But I'm afraid that maybe that person is busy or I might disturb them, so I forget about it. Then at 8:30pm, omg....did this person read my mind?? Can this person actually hear my thoughts??? It made me feel like my good old friends out there are thinking about me. I am blessed that they still have me in their thoughts. I hope I get more pleasant hellos like this in future. They make me very happy =) <3<3<3

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